Michael Jackson: Was the ‘King of Pop’ a Paedo?

Prior to watching the documentary, Twitter followers were asked what they think... I’m sure you have seen the absolute s**t-storm that “Leaving Neverland” has created on the internet. If you don’t know what it is or haven’t seen it, it’s a very shocking and surprising documentary which describes (in a lot of detail) how MJ … Continue reading Michael Jackson: Was the ‘King of Pop’ a Paedo?

London is a gimmick….

You have to pay premium for London. It’s expensive. We know that. But why? That’s the ultimate question really. It goes beyond the fact that it’s the capital city; it’s all about the image. Many agree with the idea that ‘London is more a brand than it is a city’ as you can see on … Continue reading London is a gimmick….

“My Funny Valentine; Sweet Spending Valentine”

Valentine’s Day makes less sense than Christmas, especially if you’re already in a relationship. I mean, I guess if you’re single it’s a good chance to use them cringey Valentine pick-up lines you came up with, but that’s not the point here. The only real winner on Valentine’s Day are the brands. Valentine’s Day is … Continue reading “My Funny Valentine; Sweet Spending Valentine”

What the Flock is this?

Brands... They basically run the world. They define people. They define lifestyles. They're not just companies. They're not just things you buy from shops. They influence your behaviour and consumer habits. They're what you read, wear, watch, eat, drink, play, etc... I mean, the list could go on. Anyway, here's my brand! 🙂 That's right … Continue reading What the Flock is this?